Shipping to India

Many major international cargo shipping ports there in India. If any customer is interested in moving overseas to India, it may be worth to use our transporting services and relocation services..
Our international services start with packing, loading, trucking, storage, transporting, crating, Air and Ocean Freight, Customs Clearance, door delivery, unloading, unpacking & removal of wastages. The customer can transport their entire households or just a few goods. The customer can pack itself or they want us to pack, whether the customer want storage in US or India. We have the experts for the package. We have some of the below services. India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Afghanistan & Nepal Service flyer.

Full Container Load (FCL)

FCL is the most effective container shipping way regarding cost, volume and weight of the cargo. The process of FCL involves the following, picking up empty freight container at the container yard, loading at the shipper facility, transporting by truck or rail to the port of loading and further ocean container shipping of the cargo to the port of arrival and delivery to the customer's final destination. Less than Container Load (LCL) When customer doesn't have enough cargo to fill an ocean freight container, we offer LCL (Less than Container Load) service between major ports. That means we can offer space within a container that is shared with other customer's goods to deliver economical usage based costing. Less than Container Load is a shipment that will not fill a container. It will minimize delays with cross-customer,use strategic consolidation hubs in Asia and India, expedite customer's shipments with a sea-air services combination and reliability and fast transit times.

Air Freight to India:

Customer who needs an air freight service provider with good performance standards and the flexibility to meet customer's changing needs. Customer's air freight requirements are confidence and reliability with our air freight services. Our primary responsibility is to ship customer's freight on time and customer's destination. Safety of customer's freight is also most important for us, we take most care to all freights that do not meet any damage in forwarding process. We use advanced, online technology to track customer's freight movements in real time.

Ocean Freight to India

Ocean transportation is the backbone of most freight services. Our ocean freight transportation offers shipping for both large and small volumes using Less than Container and Full Container Load services.

Below are some the features of our ocean freight:
Door to door services.
Advanced tracking & reporting options.
Multiple levels of ocean freight services to meet customer needs
Simplify customer's transportation and freight services with a single provider.

There are some regulations in shipping to India:
Indian residents or foreign nationals, anybody can ship their used goods or personal items to India. Customer can ship professional equipments to India to provide the Indian customs officials with evidence and/or certificates that prove their qualifications in the profession. Customers are allowed to ship limited amounts of electronic equipments to India. When shipping to India customers are expected to pay duties or import taxes on a variety of goods. There are some things that are not allowed to ship to India as listed. The details of it are available in the below links.

Movers & Relocations -Household Goods

We are providing Domestic and International Household Goods Moving Services with the help of our experts. The Proper and Safe Packaging of goods is very much importance to us. To maintain the safety of the goods our personnel use high quality packaging materials like wrapping papers, cartons, wooden boxes etc,. All the packing processes are done under the guidance of packaging experts. We provide transportations of household goods by Air, Ocean and Road..

Air Transportation of Household Goods:
Customer may wish to move essential items by Air Freight. Moving by Air Freight is fast and enables those important to access quickly by customer. We individually pack your household goods and placing them in either a protective air freight carton or special plywood case..

Ocean Transportation of Household Goods:

For Long distance international move we provide containerized ocean shipping of your household goods. We will pack and preserve customers household goods, then depending on customers moving requirements, we will arrange for customers household goods to be put in to Ocean shipments as FCL(Full Container Loads), lift vans, LCL(Less than Container Loads).

Road Transportation of Household Goods:
We also transport customer's household goods via roads. We try maximum to deliver the goods within the stipulated time frame and safety.

Household goods moving services are divided into Four Categories:
Moving and relocating
Loading & Unloading


The major concern of the packers and movers is to pack customers goods in such a manner so that they can reach the customers destination safely. Packers and movers have all the necessary items and latest packaging materials and machines that can ensure the safety of customer's goods. With their expertise they can handle customer's belongings safely whether it is glass items, piano, sensitive electronic goods or gift items.

Moving and Relocating:

Understanding all the details pertaining to the packing of the household goods, we offer safe and prompt relocating services. Once the task is handled to us, we relieve customers from all worries, by providing on time delivery at customer's doorstep.


We provide door to door transportation service to our customers. Our transporting vehicles are well maintained. It ensures that the goods safety and the delivery schedules are maintained.

Loading and Unloading:

All the Loading and Unloading activities are done under experiences supervision and carried out by well trained workers. We ensure that the whole shipment is loaded and unpacked with most care and in a professional manner at the origin and destination.

Moving Tips

Estimate size of your ShimentDimensional Weight CalculatorGet More Info In order to save you costs, minimize your hassle and reduce your inconvenience in moving, we are providing you following tips which should make moving a pleasant experience.

First step is to decide among your family members, the items which you MUST take with you keeping in mind that each item will cost you some money in moving regardless of size & weight. Best is to determine if all your items can be boxed because there are lot more choices of transportation carriers when your items are boxed. Unboxed items such as Furniture etc. requires special handling and can only be shipped by using specialized carriers who are lot more expensive and takes longer transit time due to packing and process. In the process of packing, you should try using the original boxes in which you bought the items but if you don't have them now, try finding strong boxes (preferably double ply) which are more sturdy and strong. Just so you know, there are boxes available at a reasonable price for quite a few items in your household such as Mattresses, Garments on hanger, Couches & Sofas, China & dishes etc. These boxes (& other packaging material such as Bubble wraps, Tapes etc) can be obtained from most of the stores selling packaging material listed in yellow pages or from nearest stores - Walmart, Office Depot, Office Max, Longs etc.. You can obtain these boxes from us (Air 7 Seas - minimum order of $200) also, as long as you provide us enough notice to have them delivered to your door.

Once you have the packaging material, start packing items which are important & must be shipped. Start marking the Box on the boxes after packing and add them to your Packing List. Never try saving in packing material cost because it plays a big role in safe & sound transportation of your goods. Actually, this is the only part you do with your own hand in your move because the rest of the portion takes several hands of others while being transported.. Good packing always pays off.

Make a packing list reflecting what you have packed in each box by Box. Don't place all heavy items in one box i.e. your books should be segregated between few boxes instead of making one box too heavy containing books only. Don't ever pack your valuable items & documents such as Jewelry, Certificates, Property titles, currencies, Insurance Policies, Family photos, Phone book etc. in these boxes because you should carry them with you. Don't ever pack any dangerous goods, perishable item, items which have oil or gas such as Lawn mover etc. because they require special professional packaging. This might delay your shipment &/or cost extra for transportation, repackaging, storage etc.. Don't pack Pistol, Rifle & their ammunitions or items which require export license before they can be exported.

Labeling plays an important role in shipping and is part of your responsibility. Each box MUST have Ship To address and it's number such as Box 1 of 5, Box 2 of 5 etc.. These labels should be at two opposite side of each box and so as special labels such as Fragile, Direction arrow, Too Heavy etc. Packing List is another important part of your moving because it not only identify the items in each box but also is needed for insurance, customs clearance etc. A detailed packing list saves time of everybody until the packages are in the final room at destination.

It is important that you can estimate Number, Weight & Dimensions of your pieces before you start finding out the expense for shipping &/or packaging. Otherwise it is difficult to compare price between one transportation carrier to the other. Mostly Household Goods & Personal Effects are charged based on the size of boxes but weight also is checked to find which one is higher. When shipping by Sea: - Find cubic feet of your cargo using the following formula - L"xW"xH" divide by 1728 = Cubic Feet (cft) When shipping by Air - Domestic (within USA) - Calculate the volume weight of your shipment using the following formula - (density factor of 194 per cubic inch) - L"xW"xH" divide by 194 = Volume weight in Lbs International - Calculate the volume weight of your shipment using the following formula - (density factor of 166 per cubic inch) - L"xW"xH" divide by 166 = Volume weight in Lbs

Another component of shipping cost is local pickup transportation from your residence to our (Air 7 Seas) nearest terminal. If you book a full container, the container comes to your doorstep, else, arrangements need to be made to take it to the port of loading. If your shipment is small enough to fit in your (or your friend's) vehicle, it might be worth the savings to bring it to our nearest terminal to save pickup charges which start from a minimum of $50.

Shipment loading and unloading is also the responsibility of the shipper unless you asked us & paying extra to provide this service separately. When using commercial or terminal locations with a loading dock, this is not an issue. But for residential pickup and/or delivery this detail to be considered. In many cases you may want to plan on having friends, relatives, or neighbors on standby to help with the loading and unloading. In some cases additional services such as lift gate may be required, but the additional costs are to be considered. Always remember a "truck driver" does just what the title implies: drive the truck. The driver is never responsible for loading or unloading, although under reasonable circumstances he or she may help. If you plan to load the ocean 20'st / 40'st container by yourself with the help of your friends or hired labour, it is best to have the container loaded in such a way that the bottom layers totally cover the entire floor space of the container which makes less likely to encounter damage. Layer your boxes & furniture in such a way that there is minimum movement possible. Of course, it goes without saying that your stuff needs to be packed to withstand the long journey. Pl keep in mind that self loading is at your own risk and poorly loaded container damages will be your responsibility. Also while container is in your possession, it is at your risk & expense so you should make sure that neighbour will not have problem and the city's regulations allow you to park & for how long

Shipments less than 100 Lbs (45kg) costs as much as 100 Lbs. It is better to pay extra to airline and carry that piece with you as an extra luggage. If your shipment is under 300 Lbs, it is suggested to check shipping charges by air to your destination because the difference between air & sea cost might not be that much.

For your international shipments, customs require proper documentation without which the shipment can not be shipped/delivered ? Dox First, Load Later. There are penalties/fines upto $1000 for late/not submission of these export documentation. It is shipper/consignee's obligation to provide these following documents to us on time. 1. Packing List 2. Value of the goods 3. Personal ID and 4. SLI (Shipper's Letter of Instruction) which contains information required on the Bill of Lading (if by Sea or Truck) / Air Waybill (if by air). If we are not provided with the appropriate documents in time (at least 48 hours in advance excluding weekends & holidays), we try to hold the shipment in our warehouse or at port to save you from penalties & fines but that may cause extra expense to you for storage etc. and it of course delays your shipment. Sometimes, when it is too late to hold the shipment for some reason, any penalty/fine will be to the account of cargo and must be paid before the shipment is released to either shipper or consignee.