For each move we undertake our aim is the same - to reduce any stress for our corporate clients to a minimum as well as to eliminate the risk of damage, delay and anxiety for the families involved. Despite this, experience has taught us that, sometimes, the unexpected can occasionally happen.

Here at EastNWest, we take our responsibility very seriously and so it's important that we are prepared for any eventuality, by providing professional services for transit insurance. We therefore recommend that you give careful consideration to this matter.

What kind of insurance do I need? An EastNWest policy provides all risks new replacement cover from the time of packing through to final delivery, for all door-to-door moves as well as storage. This means that should you need to make a claim, you will be insured for the amount required to replace your goods based on today's costs.

How do I know how much cover I need? You will be asked to complete a Valued Inventory List (VIL) which provides details of the standard cover and any exclusion. This detailed breakdown of your household goods and personal effects will then form the basis of your cover.

Do I need storage extension? Storage extension cover may be necessary should you require storage following shipment but prior to final delivery.

Valued Inventory List
Valued Inventory List (VIL) forms may differ from country to country due to the nature of the local legislation. Please contact your global moving specialist for the proper form.

Claim form In the event of a claim, please notify your global moving specialist for a survey of damages immediately after delivery of your shipment. Claims are settled upon receipt of appropriate repair bills or estimates and most can be settled in-house resulting in a swift resolution. In some cases, EastNWest may need to assign a professional surveyor who will gather all documentation and coordinate the final settlement.

In order to comply with the specialist regulations around the world, there are some variations in the paperwork and process required for making a claim. The most important thing for you is to be aware of the limitations on time for making a claim as these can vary from 14 days to as long as 45 days.

If you require documentation to make an insurance claim, please download the attached form and return it to the office arranging your move.

For additional information on insurance, please contact your nearest EastNWest office.